Carolina West Shooting Club memberships are now available. We maintain a list of perspective members for filling available membership openings.  We do have a membership cap of 200 dues paying members. If you desire to be placed on this list and meet the requirements as listed below, use the Contact Us link found above for additional information.

Any citizen of the United States of America 18 years of age or older may become a member of Carolina West Shooting Club. Prospective members must subscribe to the NRA Pledge, make payment of the usual initiation fees and dues, and complete and have accepted the Organization's application. All prospective members of the Carolina West Shooting Club shall have one of the following documents as a condition of membership, and membership in the NRA.

  • a current background check, or
  • a current concealed carry handgun permit, or
  • a permit to purchase a handgun.

Any cost incurred in obtaining one of the required documents shall be borne by the perspective member.  A copy of these documents MUST accompany the application.  In addition, all perspective members of the Carolina West Shooting Club shall be a member of the NRA and complete the Carolina West Shooting Club  Range Safety briefing prior to being accepted into membership.

One-time initiation fee of $250.00 upon joining
Yearly membership dues of $120.00